Why Outdoor?
The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising
  • Outdoor delivers viewers. Today, consumers spend more time traveling in their vehicles than ever before. That makes outdoor advertising a more powerful medium than ever. In the past 25 years, the number of vehicles on the road increased 128%. Those are the people you reach over and over with outdoor advertising.
  • Outdoor reaches your audience when they need it. Outdoor advertising is often the final reminder of a brand name product or service just before the point of purchase. It is the most visible media being exposed to everyone who leaves their home to work, shop or play.
  • Outdoor is efficient. No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often, at such a low cost. When it comes to generating repeat exposure to an audience, outdoor advertising is the most cost effective per 1,000 viewers.
  • Outdoor is big, bold and dynamic. Its larger-than-life proportions and endless creative options will grab and hold consumer attention.
  • Outdoor offers constant repetitive exposure. Seven days a week, 31 days a month, outdoor delivers your message over and over. Your prospects have your sales message right there in front of them.