Company profile

C. Ataliotis NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA Ltd was established in 1996 and is one of the first indoor & outdoor advertising companies in Cyprus.
The company's strategy is to implement and operate a net-work of advertising displays by using innovative technology both in billboard media and sales techniques always in accordance to the market needs, legal and environmental regulation. For this reason NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA is the only advertising media company in Cyprus which in co-operation with international firms abroad uses media technology with European standards and manages all sales and inventory through an interactive management software available in the internet.
NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA is one of the Cyprus's leading outdoor advertising company, providing more than 250 advertising opportunities across its four premier brands: NICHE Pisa Billboards, NICHE Super Pisa Billboards, NICHE scrolling Pisa and NICHE Three-vision Billboards.
Through the last 20 years NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA has organized a network of billboards all over Cyprus suitable both for long-term and short-term campaigns. The net-work is comprised of both static and scrolling displays, all illuminated, with the majority of the billboards located in key traffic areas of the island.
NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA is the only outdoor media company in Cyprus which has managed to have a sustainable growth in sales and profitability of 15% every year.
NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA success story is based on:

  1. The well managed program of the billboards network by selecting the best locations all over Cyprus and by selecting the most appropriate billboard type for each location
  2. Listening to each customer's needs and trying to satisfy them by selecting the most appropriate billboards each time
  3. Maintaining a level of service second to none, we have managed to include in our customer list, all the major companies in Cyprus
  4. The innovative and interactive web-site which allow each customers to see the available billboards reserve them and receive report of their campaigns instantly
  5. The extensive sales coverage of the local market. This is achieved through its experienced sales force and the synergies deriving from its partners sales force teams.
NICHE OUTDOOR MEDIA at this point of time employees 10 persons as management and sales staff.